BIG Creatives

For when our Littles get too BIG!  

It shocked us too.. from Minis to Littles and then with a hop, skip and a jump they are in Secondary school!  

As with all of our work, we have grown and developed with the feedback from you and your Littles and so when BIGs was requested... BIGs we created!  



No-one knows a FUNdango better than a Little Creative!  We wanted to create an opportunity for our BIGs to continue to develop their skills for creating theatre.

Our BIGs can re-join the FUNdango as a Facilitator in Training working alongside our team growing their skills in facilitation, story telling, costume making, choreography and even trying their hand at directing!

These spots are limited please contact sarah@littlecreatives.co.uk if your BIG wants to continue on their  FUNdango journey. 

Facilitators in Training

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As our BIGs are based in different parts of the UK, and the world, we are staying Online. 

Our FREE Online Drop-In this Autumn Term is open to all our Littles' turned BIG!

It is a chance to Check-in, play some games and, of course, do some acting!  From fun impro to exploring important themes through forum, this is your space so each week will be different as it will be directed by you. 

Booking is essential and numbers will be limited.  Booking will be available the week before and Zoom links will be sent out each week 15 mins before the session.

Mondays 5-6pm

12 - 16 yrs


FREE Online BIGs Drop-In