Sarah Cuthbertson

Director / Facilitator


Sarah trained at The Academy Drama School and has performed in theatre both in London and the UK including productions of Loves Labours Lost, The Libertine and Beauty & the Beast, she has also toured, written and directed for various TIE companies. Her spark for working with young people through the arts has led her to work with charities including Kids Company, GroOops, Artburst and Tender, as well as directing sell-out performances including at Chelsea Theatre.  She has completed an MA in Child Studies at Kings College London where she now lectures on Communication with Adolescents through Drama.  Sarah has worked for arts companies including: Bigfoot Arts Education, Nimble Arts and Theatre 4 Kids.  Sarah (aka Miss Sarah) began Little Creatives and doing the FUNdango to create a space for young people where their imagination and creativity was free to go wild!

Game of Choice:  Ninja... or Oi.. or Snicker Snacker... it's too hard to choose!

Token Dance move:  Definitely a hand grab pull down!

Favourite joke:  Why did the banana go to the doctor?

                     He wasn't PEELING well!


Cheryl Felgate

Senior Faciliator


Cheryl graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Performing Arts in 2003 and ever since has been working as a creative facilitator and performer. Cheryl works across the arts, including dance, singing and drama within her practise. Cheryl currently works with Bigfoot Arts Education as a facilitator and mentor, delivering cross-curricular creative workshops and co-creates and delivers the programme for the Surrey based performing arts school, Theatre4kids. Cheryl also works as a creative facilitator and consultant for Alma Primary School and The American School in London.  

In addition to facilitation, Cheryl works as a professional choreographer and director, frequently developing projects with Big Wooden Horse Theatre Company. These include UK Tours and West End residencies of the popular children’s book adaptations of Aliens Love Underpants and Monstersaurus.

Cheryl has been a part of Little Creatives as a FUNdango’s facilitator since the very start and is a FUNdango legend as well as one of our top-notch Creative Agents!

Game of Choice:  UNO!

Token Dance move:  Chicken Walks

Favourite joke:  How do you get Pikachu on a bus?


Nathan Headshot 1.jpg

Abi Stewart


Abi trained in musical theatre at The Associated Studios, and prior to that completed a degree in Drama and English Literature at UEA.  She fell in love with the stage after seeing Cats when she was 4 years old, and eventually through that discovered her passion for teaching others.

She has taught performing arts at Stagecoach Swindon and Revolution Performing Arts, and has been Dance Captain and assistant director on many other shows. 

Abi-for-life (as named by the Little Creatives) joined as an assistant whilst training in 2016 and we are delighted she is now a main part of our facilitation team! 

Game of Choice:  Zip Zap Boing - it's a classic!

Token Dance move:  The Running Man

Favourite joke:  What do cows read with breakfast?

                      A moooospaper!

Nathan Guy


Nathan has been working as a drama specialist in primary schools full time for 7 years with over 15 years teaching young people through various different theatre groups and organisations.

After graduating from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Nathan has mainly tried to concentrate his efforts on playing fun cheeky characters and studying to be a hero: to possess ultimate strength; to obtain a magical flying red cape; to track down and rescue missing animals; to be the top cat who can be heard on the roof but in fact to be all the while curled up by the fire …

Nathan and Miss Sarah have facilitated and performed at many different schools across London together dressed in an assortment of embarrassing costumes!  Nathan is our FUNdango Day King and brings giggles, smiles and joy wherever he goes!

Game of Choice:  Countdown

Token Dance move:  The Spider-Man Bop

Favourite joke:  What is the best birthday present?

                     A broken drum, you can't beat it!

Teenie Headshot.jpg

Alex Hinson



Alex is an actor, facilitator and yoga teacher based in London.  She trained at Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris for two years and received her BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence in New York.

Alex is co-founder of Bric a Brac Theatre, an international theatre company which devised and produced a five-star family musical called 'Mustard Doesn't Go With Girls' which had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019.  Alex has also worked with young people through Storystock Theatre bringing stories and fairy tales to life at various festivals and events around England.

Alex is one of our top notch Creative Agents specialising in MFL bringing French to life in oh-so-many interactive and creative ways!

Game of Choice:  Grandmother's footsteps

Token Dance move:  The Twist!

Favourite joke:  What's the best thing about Switzerland?

                     I don't know but the flag is a big plus!


Teenie Macleod


Teenie Macleod is a Musical Theatre choreographer, performer and teacher. She initially trained at Performing Arts Studio Scotland and then went on to gain her post graduate diploma in Musical Theatre at Associated Studios.

Most recently Teenie was Movement Director for the UK press tour of Amazon Primes ‘Good Omens’. Prior to this she was Assistant Choreographer at The Rose Theatre, Kingston on their production of ‘Hansel and Gretel’. 

Throughout her classes her main aim is to provide all students with a safe space to develop their creative imagination and passion for the performing arts.

Teenie joined our FUNdango Facilitation team in 2018 with a sploosh of  positivity, awesome skills and bubbly nature!  

Game of Choice:  Splat

Token Dance move:  Nightfever

Favourite joke:  Why was Cinderella kicked off the football team?

                     Because she was always running away from the ball!

Pink 2.png

Stacey Burt


Stacey graduated with a BA in Drama Education and Applied Theatre from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2017.  Stacey's passion for drama started at a young age but her love of working with young people began when she started with Forest Forge Youth Theatre where she went on to direct two shows with The Gap Project; Love Steals Us From Loneliness by Gary Owen and Alice by Laura Wade.  During her time at Central she worked with a multitude of different community groups and since graduating Stacey has been working across multiple primary and SEN schools in North West London and alongside Group 64 in East Putney.

Stacey joined Little Creatives as an assistant whilst in training and continued to become one of our FUNdango Facilitators.  We are delighted that Stacey has a full time position at Group 64 but even more so that she still joins us whenever she can!

Game of Choice:  Ninja!

Token Dance move:  A good ole shimmy

Favourite joke:  How did Elsa loose her balloon?

                    She let it go!