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Inspiration Days

Our Inspiration Days begin (or end for DAN-SING!) with a whole school assembly introducing the topic in a FUN and interactive way.  Meeting characters, audience participation and more often than not... a few dance moves!

The day continues with class workshops full of creative activities for further exploration.  All workshops include games, teamwork, drama, performance and are all wrapped up in some delicious creative behaviour management!  

But it doesn't end there!  Optional ideas of how the work could be developed further will be left with the class teacher.


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Imagination Central

A day to discover the importance of imagination in all areas of our lives!

Your day begins with a whole school assembly looking at various inventions through comedic glasses and what would have happened if our predecessors had not used THEIR imaginations.

Class workshops follow full of games and drama activities focussing on developing imagination, creativity and team work.

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Need a school anthem?  A positive dance routine to enthuse your students?  We've got you covered!

A day of class workshops teaching a positive mindset song and routine, followed by a performance to the rest of the school with their family and friends.  Alternatively you can film the end result for your website!

We have songs which we know our schools love, or we are happy to use a positive mindset song of your choosing.


'Help George Out' is an Inspiration Day focused on enabling young people to make positive choices in their behaviour.

Based around the character George, we learn in the performance assembly that he doesn't always realise the impact his behaviour has on his own learning, as well as that of others, and their feelings.  We meet his friend Lucy and his teacher Miss Polton and discover how George's behaviour is making them feel.  When George comes to recognise he has not been making the best choices he asks the pupils at the school for their help to make better ones.

The performance is followed by class workshops to find ways to help George and ourselves make choices we can be proud of!

Help George Out



We are forever writing, inventing and creating. 

We love to develop new ways to enable Little Creatives to access all parts of the curriculum and support them to be their very best selves!

Please let us know if you have a topic or subject you would like an Inspiration Day for... we may just have one already cookin'! 


Inspiration Day Feedback:

‘The acting was brilliant' 


'Sarah had a fantastic relationship with the children during the session and they all thoroughly enjoyed the activities’  


‘Not only was it fun, it was thought provoking'  


'I loved how you introduced the various characters'  


'The entire school were fully engaged throughout the whole assembly'  


'The kids loved it and went on to use ideas in class later on'  


'The outcome was phenomenal as we still had children discussing the workshop this morning!'