Little Creatives go ONLINE

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That's right.. we're going techno techno techno!

What!  Let a bit of social isolation stop our FUN!?  NOT US!  Noooo sirree!

With a zip and a zap and a... well really all of a... ZOOM we are booming LIVE straight into your homes with all the giggles, creativity and JOY!

Pick and Mix (aaahhh Woolworths…) from the options below and we look forward to seeing your faces SOON!

Stay Safe, Stay Smiling... Stay silly!  (and grown ups... we stay sane!)


Term Time


10am, every school day morning join us LIVE to say hello to Miss Sarah and the Little Creatives Team!  We'll be asking for your check-in out of 10's, your 'Glads' as well as the really important questions in life like... what's your favourite sandwich and what's the weirdest noise you can make!?!  With Thursday Madness and Friday PJ Day do drop in to see us!  

Just email sarah@littlecreatives.co.uk saying 'I want to join in' and we will send you the link and password. 


Magical lands, crazy characters, games a-plenty we will be having FUN and frollicks a-plenty with Miss Sarah every Monday afternoon with Drama and Imagination.  Mime, tableaux, improvisation, creating scenes and even writing scripts, every week will be focussed on developing and growing your acting and imagination skills with giggles galore!

Minis:               Mondays

Minis Times:    1.00 - 1.50Pm           

Ages:               5-7 yrs

Price:               £5 per session 

Littles:              Mondays

Littles Times:   2.00- 2.50pm           

Ages:               8-12 yrs           

Price:               £5 per session 

BIGS:               Mondays

Littles Times:   4.00- 5.00pm           

Ages:               12-16 yrs           

Price:               £10 per session



Join the hilarious and brilliant Nathan each Friday to learn French in the most FUNtabulous way!  Through games, drama and all kinds-a creativity your Littles shall know their ouis from their nons and their bananes from their tomates.  A bientot!

Dates:              Fridays

Minis & Littles:  1.00 - 1.50pm           

Ages:                5-12 yrs 

Price:                £10 per session

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BOING, SPLAT, WHOSAWOTSIT join Nathan for a Friday afternoon of bonkers FUN!  Full of jokes, story-telling, games and clowning around!  What a way to end the week!!  

Dates:              Fridays

Minis & Littles: 2.00 - 2.50pm

Ages:               5-12 yrs 

Price:               £5 per session

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Holiday Time

FUNdango Days

Join us for one or all of our FUNdango Days as we zip, zap and ZOOM the FUN straight into your living room.. or bedroom.. or hallway.. or cupboard under the stairs*..

Dates:   16th February 2021 - DRAMA Day

             17th February 2021 - DAN-Sing Day

             18th February 2021 - GAMES Day

Times:     10am – 3pm                  

Ages:       5-12 yrs 

Price:       £70 for all three days or £30 Per Day 

* Please not the cupboard under the stairs...

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Feedback for Little Creatives Online:

Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine, fun & kindness in our house every morning. 


So glad to have little creatives in our lives. Keeps sanity. *** loved FRENCHIE!!!! 


Just to reiterate another big thank you – *** is loving the sessions and I can hear her and *** currently causing mayhem with Nathan!! 


Thanks for running the online Fundangos, you and your team have been total stars!! 🤩 


*** loved the session and is now on the phone to her Grandad, who loves Shakespeare, to tell him all about it. 


Thank you so much for running the virtual morning check ins and drama sessions *** absolutely loves them! They are the highlight of her day :-).