Creative Agents

They'll live among you... but will you recognise them when you see them...?

Of course you will!  They will be the ones bouncing, singing and dancing.. a Creative Agent not a Special Agent... dear me!

Your Creative Agent will be with you weekly, facilitating across the school.  Working alongside your leadership and teachers to create and deliver awesome interactive lessons. 


With have Creative Agents with specialist skills in areas including: drama, music, dance, creative behaviour management, modern foreign languages and wellbeing.  

Be it putting creativity into the curriculum, lighting up literacy, mischief into music, energising and embedding your school ethos or waking up the wonder of wellbeing we love to roll up our sleeves, put on our jazz shoes and get fully involved in the life of our schools!

Creative Curriculum

Your Creative Agent can work alongside your teachers to make and deliver creative FUN interactive lessons to bring all topics to life.  From spelling to Shakespeare, fossils to fractions, history to health we create warm ups and games themed to the lesson and then explore topics in a myriad of creative ways.  

From songs and dances, talbeaux to improvisations, teaching in role, mystery solving, interactive story telling and a million and one other FUN-filled ways to explore the topics of your choice!  


Ever met Stan Semibreve? 

Bald chap?  Takes ages to

stand up...  four whole beats infact!


Singing, games, dances, characters and instruments we have an absolute passion to enable every young person to experience music in a multitude of ways.


Exploring music through history, its ability to make us move and feel and the incredible language of music spoken all over the world!


Listening, playing, composing, conducting and music theory your Creative Agent will make the trumpets trump, the crochets do the conga and have your halls filled with musical melodies!

Wellbeing &


Anyone who has met a Little Creative could ask them 'and the first rule is?'  The reply would be a resounding LISTEN... 'to'... EVERYBODY (with sound and action).

Our three rules of Listen, Respect and Support Everybody underpin all of our work as we set to enable all Little Creatives to be people they are proud to be and make choices that make their lives the ones they want to live!

Whilst our work is FUN and light hearted the reasons behind the way we work are theory and research based.  From our Behaviour Management, to communication, to our RISE Wellbeing programme we use creative techniques to enable self awareness, empathy and understanding.  This allows our Little Creatives to make purposeful changes and develop their behaviour choices, emotional awareness and wellbeing.

We collaborate with our Schools to introduce, enhance and embed emotional wellbeing and positive behaviour choices and we absolutely love it!

Modern Foreign


Bring your Modern Foreign Language to life with one of our Creative Agents.  Using songs, characters, games, scene work, teaching in role - it's a way of learning a language like no other!


We've taught French to Swahili... exploring the language and the culture, finding out about the landscape and traditions.  Celebrating all that makes us different and the same!  



Every child is unique and so is every school!  We provide a bespoke service for each school to enable our Creative Agents to have the best impact possible!

To see what we can do for your school please contact gladmin@littlecreatives.co.uk

We look forward to talking with you soon